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American Trade Association and related companies and Agents Activities


American Trade Association

and Related Companies and Agents Activities



It has been brought to our attention that letters are being sent to ATA members regarding moving them to another health insurance plan.  There has been no authorized roll-over of ATA members by the Commissioner from ATA and/or SDS to put or place members to any particular other membership association for health benefits or insurance, nor has the Commissioner authorized any other entity to debit your bank or credit accounts.  In particular, neither Best Benefits Association nor Healthcare America (or any marketer) have been authorized by the Commissioner to move your membership/health insurance without your consent. 

Whenever purchasing health insurance over the phone, internet, unsolicited letter or from a fax, USE EXTREME CAUTION. You should always check with your state insurance department to determine if the company is properly licensed and assure yourself that the individual you are dealing with is a licensed insurance professional. 




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