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Insurance Division


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Interpretive Opinions
Issue Opinion
Using Nondiscriminatory Employee Classifications and the Look-Back Measurement Method in Compliance with the Affordable Care Act. Interpretive Opinion 02-15
Applicability of TCA 56-6-126 to Proposed Automobile Service Contracts Interpretive Opinion 01-15
Tennessee Insurable Interest Laws and Charitable Associations Interpretive Opinion 06-14
When a Contract for Future Services Constitutes Insurance Interpretive Opinion 05-14
Application of the definition of "controlled business" as used in Tennessee Code Annotated § 56-35-102(3) Interpretive Opinion 04-14
License Requirement for Reatil Cashiers that Facilitate the Purchase of Automobile Club Memberships Interpretive Opinion No. 03-14
Tennessee Workers' Compensation Form Filing Requirements Interpretive Opinion No. 02-14
Call Center Employee Licensure Interpretive Opinion No. 01-14
Permissibility of an Insurance Producer Sharing Commissions with Unlicensed Individuals and /or Entities for the Referral of Clients Interpretive Opinion No. 05-13
Definition of "At Risk Populations" for Purposes of Tenn. Code Ann. § 56-6-705(a)(10)(C) of the Health Care Service Utilization Review Act Interpretive Opinion No. 04-13
Mandated Coverage for Newly born Children for Individual and Group Health Insurance Plans Interpretive Opinion No. 02-13
Definition of "Physician" for Purposes of the Tennessee Health Carrier Grievance and External Review Procedure Act. Interpretive Opinion No.01-13
Sixty (60) Day Notice Requiredment for Revision of Rates Interpretive Opinion No. 03-12

American Pet Insurance Company

Trupanion 30 Days Free Pet Insurance Coverage

Unlawful Inducement or Rebate

Interpretive Opinon No. 02-12
Notice of Premium Increase Interpretive Opinion No. 01-12
Vision Discount Plans Interpretive Opinion No. 01 - 10
Health Group Cooperatives Interpretive Opinion No. 01-16 [pdf]
Vehicle Location Unit Warranty Interpretive Opinion No. 01-06 [pdf]
Foreign Government Ownership of Insurance Company Interpretive Opinion No. 02-06 [pdf]
Rebating of Commissions Interpretive Opinion No. 01-05 [pdf]
Valuation of Investment in a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Insurance Company
Interpretive Opinion No. 02-05 [pdf]
Monthly Premium Audit Services Interpretive Opinion No. 03-05 [pdf]