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Benefits Service Directory


Benefit Charge Unit P.O. Box      24826
Nashville,TN 37202-4827
Phone:(615) 741-2223
Fax:     (615) 532-1459
The Benefit Charge Unit adjudicates  protests of charges to the reserve account of employers in the base period that are not the separating employer.
Benefit Payment Control

P.O. Box 24150 
Nashville, TN 27202-4150
Phone: 615-741-2606
Fax:     615-741-3469

The Benefit Payment Control unit is responsible for:
  • Conducting quarterly audit of benefits to detect overpayments Investigate tips and leads on possible unemployment insurance fraud. Collection of overpaid benefits Back pay award to claimants that may result in an overpayment of benefits
  • Determine the appropriate amount that each base period employer's reserve account should be charged for unemployment benifits paid to former employees.