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Automated Partial Claims System

Using the APS software employers may file partial unemployment claims electronically.  However, it is a requirement that a paper partial claim form (Joint Low Earnings Report and Claim for Benefits for Partial Unemployment LB0487) is completed (and kept by the employer) for each APS claim submitted as employers are subject to random audit by State Auditors. 

The electronic method provides the Department with accurate information, and provides prompt payment for the majority of employees.

There have been some necessary programming changes made to the APS program.  Effective immediately, the program will not allow submission of past claims that precede the current submission date by 11 or more calendar days. 

Under Tennessee law, a temporary layoff occurs when an employee works fewer than four customarily scheduled full-time days due to lack of work. If your employees have no work or earnings from your organization, you may submit partial claims on these employees.  Employees must also be questioned about earnings they may have had from any other source during the temporary layoff.

Incomplete or incorrect information may result in processing delays or improper payments.  It is necessary to provide the current mailing address and name.  You are responsible for providing accurate and complete information.

When a claim is processed, it is matched against wage records and claims currently on file in the Department’s benefit payment system.  If the name does not match the name on file for that social security number, the claim will be rejected, and the employee will be contacted to make the necessary corrections.

An accurate address is very important, as checks will be mailed to this address.  It must be the claimant's current address.  If an employee's address has changed since the previous filing, the new address entered will effect an address change in the Department’s benefit payment system.

Employers filing partial unemployment are not required to submit a partial claim on any individual whose total earnings for a given week equal or exceed $275, which is currently the maximum weekly benefit amount in Tennessee.  Total reportable wages include holiday pay, vacation pay, voluntary loss.  Voluntary loss consists of wages an individual could have earned, if he had elected to work.

When claims are submitted, if the week ending date has passed, the claim will be processed the evening of the day submitted, providing it is not a holiday.  If the week ending date has not occurred as yet, you may submit and the program will hold and process the Sunday after the Saturday week ending date passes.

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