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Employment Security - Contact Us


File an appeal, check a status, update phone number for a hearing, appeals forms

(615) 741-1857


Automated Partial Unemployment Claims (EMPLOYERS ONLY)

File partial unemployment claims electronically


Career Centers

Employers find workers, job placement recruitment and training referrals for job seekers, career information, computers and Internet access available


Career Coach

Mobile Career Center services

(615) 253-6749


Customer Service Unit for Employers

SIDES E-Response e-mail:


Delinquency Control

Issues relating to liens and bankruptcies

(615) 741-5103


Employer Accounting

Correct posting of premium reports and payments; refunds and adjustments to employer’s account; questions on premium reports, delinquent notices, and account balance; help on completing quarterly reports, 940 certifications for IRS, Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA) certifications, and employer refund processing

(615) 741-1619


Employer Accounts Offices

Telephone numbers for each office listed at Web site


Employer Services                 

Set up an account, determine if liable for unemployment premiums, change address or phone number, change business ownership, find out unemployment insurance premium rate; request quarterly report

(615) 741-2486


Food Stamps

The Department of Labor and Workforce Development operates the Food Stamps Employment and Training program that offers participants nine opportunities to prepare for employment.

(615) 253-6391 


Foreign Labor Certification

For employers hiring foreign workers under H2A, H2B and PERM

(615) 253-6389



Report misclassified workers and other unemployment insurance tax fraud.

(615) 741-0930


Jobs4TN Online

Post a job, search for a job, labor market information


Labor Market Information

Unemployment rates; employment-related data for state, metropolitan areas, individual counties; employment and wages; trends in occupations and industries; available labor; census demographic profiles; green jobs; publications

(615) 741-2284



Repay a benefit payment you were not entitled to

(615) 741-2606


Premium and Wage Reporting

Report quarterly premium and wage information

(615) 741-2346 (Internet reporting TNPAWS)

(615) 741-3280 (Paper reporting)


SIDES and Sides E-Response (Fact sheet)

Employer electronic response to requests for separation information

SIDES E-Response e-mail:


The Source

Labor market data, such as job demand, economic indicators, wages, census data, education/training programs



File wage and premium reports on the Internet

(615) 741-2346



Apply for unemployment; complete weekly certification; file a wage protest; file an appeal; update address, telephone number, e-mail address, or IRS deduction; view benefit information

877-813-0950 or (615) 253-0800 (Unemployment Claims Center)

800-689-9799 (weekly certification TIPS)


Veteran Services

Career Centers provide priority service to veterans.

Telephone numbers for veteran representatives listed at Web site


Wage Records

Wage reports (paper and magnetic media); corrections to a worker’s social security number; wage discrepancies on benefit claims

(615) 741-3280


Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Hire a veteran and receive a tax credit

(615) 253-6664