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Discharge for absenteeism or tardiness:

  1. What were the dates of the last incident of the absenteeism or tardiness?
  2. Did the claimant provide medical evidence of illlness during the absence/tardy?
  3. Did the claimant notify anyone that he would be absent/tardy? If so, when were you notified?
  4. Were there any prior warnings of absences/tardiness? If yes, please give dates, types of warnings, and who issued the warnings. Please provide a copy of these warnings and a copy of your absenteeism/tardiness policy.
  5. Was the claimant aware of the absenteeism/tardiness policy? If so, how was the claimant made aware of this policy?
  6. Discribe in detail the final incident which prompted you to terminate this individual.

Violation of Company Policy

Discharge for violation of company policy:

    1. Provide a copy of the company policy that was violated.
    2. What did the claimant do that violated this policy.
    3. How was the claimant made aware of this policy?
    4. Were there any prior violations and warnings? If so, please provide a copy.
    5. Were there any violations of this policy by other employees that did not result in discharge?
    6. Was the claimant discharged at the time the infraction occurred? If not, please explain the time delay.

Poor Work Performance

Discharge for poor work performance:

    1. Describe the final incident that led to the discharge.
    2. What were the standards expected of the claimant?
    3. Did the claimant ever meet these standards?
    4. Did the claimant make an attempt to conform to the standards?
    5. Were there previous warnings for failure to meet the standards? If yes, provide copies of the warnings.

Discharge for Insubordination

Discharge for insubordination:

  1. Describe the insubordinate act.
  2. When and where was the act committed?
  3. Had the claimant previously shown insubordinate behavior? If yes, please describe these incidents.
  4. Was the claimant warned that such behavior was not permitted? If yes, provide copies of these warnings.