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Frequently Asked Questions - Form 1099G

Why did I receive a Form 1099G?

The Form 1099G reports the total taxable unemployment benefits paid to you from the Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development (TDLWD) for a calendar year. Separate Form 1099Gs are issued for claimants who received regular Tennessee Unemployment Compensation benefits, Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA), and/or benefits from the Trade Readjustment Act (TRA). Your benefits are taxable and reportable on your federal return only, but you do not need to attach a copy of the Form 1099G to your federal income tax return. Benefits are reported based on the issue date of the payment, not the week ending date(s) that was paid. This information is reported to the IRS. If you are required to file a federal tax return you should report the amount in Box 1 of Table A and/or Table B of the Form 1099G as income and the amount listed in Box 4 of Table A as Federal income taxes withheld.

When will I receive my Form 1099G?


The TDLWD mails the annual Form 1099G during the last week of January. Claimants should receive their forms no later than January 31. If you move, be sure we receive your new address by December 15. If you moved and did not report your new address by December 15, your 1099G will be returned to our office.

I never received my Form 1099G.  How do I request one?

You can obtain a copy of your Form 1099G by going to the IRS Form 1099G log-in site at

How do I request a Form 1099G for prior years?

Form 1099Gs for previous years are also available at

Why didn't I receive a Form 1099G by mail?

The Form 1099G is mailed during the last week of January to all claimants who received taxable unemployment compensation benefits during the previous calendar year. The Post Office will return a Form 1099G as undeliverable if a claimant has moved and not reported his new address to the TDLWD and his local post office.

What if I don't agree with the amount listed on my Form 1099G?


Questions about amounts on Form 1099G may be sent to:

Special Services Unit
220 French Landing Drive
Nashville, TN 37243-1002
(615) 532-2354

How do I report this unemployment information on my income taxes?


Refer to the instructions on Federal Form 1040. In addition, IRS Publication 525 provides instruction on how to report the repayments of unemployment compensation benefit overpayments. For questions about potential tax liability or how to report tax information, please contact an IRS representative at 1-800-829-1040.