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How do I file a claim?

File a claim for UI benefits using one of the following methods:

File online at

File by phone by calling (615) 253-0800 or (877) 813-0950

Why can’t I get through on the telephone?

When our telephone systems receive too many calls the telephone network becomes temporarily overloaded. If that occurs, you will hear a message that states, “We are unable to take your call because of extremely high call volume. Please try again later.” This is likely to occur on our busiest days, Mondays and Tuesdays.

Once you have reached our telephone system and you make the menu selections to speak to a representative, the system routes your call to the location with the shortest wait time; however, if it appears that your call cannot be answered within 10 minutes because of the number of callers already waiting, you will hear a message advising you to call back later. To avoid this possibility, you may want to call on Wednesday or Thursday, which are our least busy days.

Increased demand for UI services statewide, seasonal fluctuations, and holidays contribute to a longer wait time when calling the department. We understand that your time is valuable, and the TDLWD is making every effort to shorten the time you must wait for service.

You can avoid telephone wait time by using one of our online applications to file a claim, report a missing payment, file an appeal, or view your benefits at

How do I report an address change or telephone number change on my UI claim?

You can view and update contact information online at

How do I change information on a claim I filed electronically?


You can call the Claims Center at (615) 253-0800 or (877) 813-0950.

How do I find out the status of my claim?


Check your claim status online at Click on View Benefits/Update Information.

How do I file a claim online if I was in the military, worked for the federal government, worked outside of Tennessee, applied for UI in another state, or was issued a form by my employer or union?


You cannot file a claim online if your separating employer is Federal or Military. The only option is to file by phone in Tennessee. You must contact the telephone claims center at 1-877-813-0950.

I just received a Notice of Overpayment. Can someone explain it to me?

To establish a repayment plan or ask questions, you may contact the Benefit Payment Control unit at 615-741-2606. A written agreement will then be sent to you to sign and return.

Payments may be made by check or money order and mailed to:

Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development
Benefit Payment Control
P.O. Box 24150
Nashville, Tennessee 37202-4150
Always include your social security number.

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