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Frequently Asked Questions - Overpayments

I just received a Notice of Overpayment.  Can someone explain it to me?

If for some reason a decision is made that you were not entitled to either some or all of the benefits you received during your claim series, an overpayment will be established and you will be required to make repayment.

To establish a repayment plan you may contact the Benefit Audit unit at 615-741-2606. A written agreement will then be sent to you to sign and return. Payments may be made by check or money order and mailed to

Benefit Payment Control
P.O. Box 24150
Nashville, Tennessee 37202-4150
Always include your social security number

Why is my income tax refund check being taken by TDLWD to repay an overpayment?


An unemployment claim was filed using your Social Security Number and it was determined that any benefits claimed were received in error, which resulted in an overpayment. The income tax refund is being taken to repay this overpayment. If you did not file a UI claim contact the TDLWD immediately. A fraudulent UI claim may have been filed using your identity information.

Effective July 1, 2012, legislation authorizes the TDLWD to set off any unemployment compensation debt due the department against any federal income tax refund due the claimant debtor. The law further provides the right to set off past due contributions due the Tennessee Unemployment Trust Fund from employers for which the state has determined the taxpayer debtor to be liable.

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