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Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA and ATAA)

Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Program is a federally funded program that provides assistance to workers affected by job loss or their hours and wages are cut due to increased imports or a shift in production to a foreign country. Workers whose company is an upstream supplier to the primary company or a downstream finisher may also apply. The goal of the Trade Act program is to help trade-affected workers return to suitable employment as quickly as possible. The Employment and Training Administration of the U.S. Department of Labor administers the program. TDLWD acts as an agent of the Department of Labor in administering this program in Tennessee.

TAA certified workers may access a variety of services that include relocation allowances, job search allowances, or retraining in order to obtain suitable employment.

Alternative Trade Adjustment Assistance (ATAA) is an assistance program for older workers (50 years of age or older) certified eligible to apply for Trade Adjustment Assistance. The program is designed to allow TAA older workers, for who retraining may not be suitable, and who find reemployment, to receive a wage subsidy to help bridge the salary gap between their old and new employment.

For a worker to qualify for benefits, the company in which they are employed must establish eligibility for TAA and ATAA by filing a petition with the U.S. Department of Labor's Division of Trade Adjustment Assistance (DTAA) in Washington, DC, for investigation. A company official or authorized representative, a union official, group of three or more workers, career center operators, partners, including employment security agencies, may file a petition. Petitions must be submitted simultaneously to the state and to the Office of Trade Adjustment Assistance. Petitions and information may be obtained through any Career Center or you may visit . If the petition is certified, the worker will be notified in writing that he/she may be eligible for TAA benefits.

You may submit the state copy to:

Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development
220 French Landing Drive
Nashville, TN 37245
FAX 615-532-3652

If you have questions concerning TAA, you may contact your area Tennessee Career Center or the Workforce Services Division, TAA Unit, in Nashville, at 615-253-6668, or 1-800-432-5268 (for calls inside the state.)

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