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FAQs - Furloughed Federal Employees

1) How long do I have to wait to file my claim?
You don’t. You may file immediately after losing your job.

2) How do I file my claim?
You may file via telephone at 1-877-813-0950.

3) What documentation will I need to file my claim?
As a Federal employee, you must provide credible evidence of Federal employment such as a Standard Form 50 (SF-50), earnings and leave statements, or a W-2.

4) How soon will I receive benefits?
It could take two or more weeks before benefits are paid. This is based on claim eligibility and approval of the separation. Again, it will be approved with proof of the layoff.

5) If I am paid retroactively by my employer for the time I was furloughed, will I have to pay back the unemployment benefits I received?
Yes. An overpayment will be established and payment will be expected upon receipt of the notice.

6) How quickly will I have to pay them back?
As soon as you have been notified of the overpayment.