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Elevator Rules


Rules and Regulations

Tennessee Code Annotated Volume 12, Title 68, Chapter 121 declares The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Elevator Division as The Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)over Elevators, Escalators, Moving Walks and Dumbwaiters in the State of Tennessee.

It is the duty of the department to license elevator inspectors to work for the department, that will administer the Laws promulgated by the Board, and enforce said laws by the rules and regulations of the elevator division. The division, as the AHJ, is solely responsible for the inspection, testing, operation, maintenance, construction, alteration and installation of new and existing elevators, escalators, moving walks and dumbwaiters. The Board is responsible for setting all fees for the operation of the elevator division. The vision and objective of the Division is to provide for the safety of life, limb and property of the riding public