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Mine Safety

The Division of Mines is responsible for maintaining two mine rescue teams in a state of readiness for response to mine emergencies in underground mines in Tennessee. Each underground mine that participates in the mine rescue program provides two or more members for the team. Each team consists of eight members, that are compensated by the state for eight hours per month.

The Division has mine safety instructors, certified by the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration. The instructors are available to teach mine safety classes anywhere within the state at very competitive rates. Mine safety training is required for all miners working in coal mines, crushed stone quarries, sand and gravel pits, and any other operations in the state. Certain contractors who enter mine properties are also required to receive comprehensive safety training before performing work on mine properties. The safety instructors conduct new miner, annual refresher training, first aid/CPR, and other courses as requested by the industry.

The Division also collects mine license fees from all underground coal and metal mines and surface coal mines. Mine foreman examinations are held monthly and those applicants successfully passing the exam are certified as a Tennessee mine foreman.

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