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Sub-Grantees & Handbook

          SPARQ Participant Form
          SPARQ CSA Form
          SPARQ Unsubsidized Employment Form
          SPARQ Exit Form

          Maintenance of Effort Form

          Data Collection Handbook
          Revision for New Measure on Volunteerism
          Revision 8 (December 2014) Data Validation Handbook

Participant Packet
          Workers' Comp
          Title V Host Agency Orientation
          IEP Needs
          Handbook Receipt
          Self Attestation Statement
          Program Recert Close
          Privacy Act
          Participant Attestation Statement
          New Participant Checklist
          Family Size Statement
          Record of Participant Orientation
          Recertification-Confidential Income
          Physical Exam
          Initial Individual Employment Plan

          IEP Review Follow-up
          Host Agency Assignment Description
          DrugFree Workplace Policy
          Consumer Rights

          Confidential Income Statement

          Civil Rights Policy


Host Agency Packet
          Host Agency Monitoring

          Intent to Hire