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TN Department of Labor and Workforce Development - October 2012

Dollar General Orchestrates Hiring Event for Veterans
Paychecks for Patriots Features Vet Friendly Employers Across the State

  Bob Ravener, Executive VP and Chief People Officer for Dollar General Corporation with the 278th TN Army National Guard

Tennessee-based Dollar General Corp. is spearheading a Paychecks for Patriots event along with the Tennessee Department of Labor and other major employers to connect veterans with jobs. On Thursday, Oct. 25, the Paychecks for Patriots hiring fair will be held in 13 Tennessee Career Centers throughout the state, featuring local employers who want to put veterans to work.

Dollar General is known for its support of literacy and education. The Dollar General Literacy Foundation has awarded grants to organizations in communities across the United States, removing the literacy barrier to employment and improving the quality of life for many.

Dollar General  
Bob Ravener, General Haston and Dollar General CEO Rick Dreiling  


“Paychecks for Patriots is an initiative to address the staggering unemployment challenges facing our Tennessee Guardsmen, Reservists, veterans and their spouses.  The effort builds off of the Governor’s Jobs4TN Online employment database to make it more robust and to address the unique needs of our military to allow them to use it more effectively,” said Bob Ravener, executive vice president and chief people officer for Dollar General. “Dollar General values the significant contributions that veterans bring to our company, and we are honored to work with other Tennessee employers and state government promote better employment opportunities to our military community. Paychecks for Patriots is a concentrated effort to ensure that they have access to and can compete for jobs that appeal to them.” 

Several other departments of state government are contributing to Paychecks for Patriots Day, and Governor Haslam is strongly behind the push to link veterans with jobs.

“We should never take for granted the freedoms we enjoy here at home because of the service of veterans,” Haslam said. “I am really grateful for our service members and all that they do overseas and back here at home, and I’m happy the state could help by partnering with local employers to find jobs for veterans.”

The Paychecks for Patriots job fairs will be held on Thursday, October 25, in Chattanooga, Clarksville, Cookeville, Crossville, Dyersburg, Jackson, Johnson City, Knoxville, Memphis (Poplar Avenue), Nashville (Metro Center), Talbott, and Tullahoma.

For more information visit the Paychecks for Patriots' Web site or contact one of the participating Tennessee Career Centers.

Quarterly Unemployment Taxes
The Quarterly Unemployment Insurance Premium and Wage Report for the third quarter, due October 31, 2012, reflects the new, lower premium rate you received the end of August. The lower rate is in effect for both the third and fourth quarters of 2012. The TNPAWS application used to electronically file the Quarterly Unemployment Insurance Premium and Wage Report is found at https://tdlwd.tn.gov/tnpaws/Forms/Welcome_

Automated partials update
The new Internet-based system for filing automated partial claims went live October 8, 2012. Employers who have a reduced amount of work for their employees because of holidays, inclement weather, or lack of work are encouraged to use the Automated Partial System (APS) for filing claims. Details are available in the FAQs at https://tdlwd.tn.gov/apsweb/faq.pdf.  Employers may also contact the APS staff directly by using the e-mail address account.partials@tn.gov or by using the Contact Us link located on the header of the APS screens.

SIDES E-Response is Online
The department’s new State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES) E-Response streamlines the process for employers to respond to requests for separation information pertaining to former employees.The department sends a letter to the employer or third-party administrator verifying the reason the claimant has given for separation and providing log-in information to SIDES E-Response. The employer then responds electronically with SIDES E-Response. The new Web-based system saves costs, is fast, and insures accuracy, which helps reduce overpayments. For more information visit the eResponse Web site at http://www.uisides.org. SIDES Logo


Workforce Development
Incumbent Worker Training Grants available to companies at risk of layoffs

Employers experiencing difficulties staying competitive and meeting productivity goals may be eligible to apply for an Incumbent Worker Training grant if skills attainment or process improvement for their employees would avert a layoff.

Tennessee for-profit and not-for-profit (health care) related businesses that have been in operation for a minimum of one year prior to the application date, employ at least five full-time employees, and are current on all federal and state tax obligations are eligible to apply.

IWT funds are limited and are therefore awarded on a competitive basis.  The new program year began October 1, 2012. The maximum award per grant is $25,000.

The IWT program is cooperatively administered through the state’s Local Workforce Investment Areas (LWIA) and the Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development, Division of Workforce Development.  Applications are submitted from the companies directly to an LWIA. The LWIA may request additional information or establish supplemental provisions and requirements for the training projects.

For an IWT application and LWIA contact information go to www.state.tn.us/labor-wfd/et_services_employers.shtml


Charlie Herrell and Ron McNutt are the Mythbusters who reveal the truth about Administrative Review
Watch the video

Workers' Compensation
Video Training - How to successfully adjust a claim

The Workers’ Compensation Division has developed a training session for adjusters who handle Tennessee workers’ comp claims.  This seminar was created after the Division realized there were numerous problems resulting from the way adjusters were handling claims. Whether it was the slow payment of benefits to injured workers, the slow filing of forms required by the law, or claims that were being improperly denied – the Division recognized that far too many adjusters were making way too many mistakes.

The program is voluntary and is being given by the true subject matter experts in the industry – Division staff.  Topics include an introduction in the Request for Assistance process, an overview of Best Practices in a Benefit Review Conference, and Mythbusters, in which common myths about the Administrative Review program are confirmed or refuted. 

The most recent presentation of the training session was videotaped and can be viewed by clicking here.  The link to the video will allow out-of-state adjusters to watch the training.

If you are interested in more information about this training, please contact Jeff Francis at b.jeff.francis@tn.gov or by calling 615-253-6269.

Adult Education can help improve employees' basic skills

As well as conducting GED preparation classes, did you know that the department’s Adult Education division can help your employees improve basic skills if they are below a 12.9-grade equivalency level? These skill upgrades are available in every county at Adult Learning Centers, or staff will go to employers on-site.

Skill upgrades relating to math, reading, writing, and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) can be requested, as well as more workplace-specific skills.  For example, a human resources employee may need a boost in learning how to read certain documents, such as an insurance policy, or an employer may ask Adult Education to help workers learn about decimal and metric measurements.

“We can also design a safety-first language curriculum for ESOL workers in which we do a task analysis of your plant and focus on words such as ‘danger,’ ‘caution,’ ‘hot,’ ‘cold,’ ‘no entrance,’ ‘private,’” said Marva Doremus, administrator for Adult Education. “And often we integrate soft skills for English language learners concerning what they’re expected to do in certain instances, such as if they’re late or sick. We’re a bridge to making employees more efficient workers. We provide employer-guided assistance – you tell us what you want your employees to better understand.”

Employers who would like more information on how Adult Education can help them can contact their local Adult Education program listed at http://www.tn.gov/labor-wfd/AE/aeprgstw.shtml or e-mail or call Christy.Chapman@tn.gov, phone (615) 741-7054 or (800) 531-1515.



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