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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) affords insurers and the Workers' Compensation Division a method of exchanging certain information electronically and thereby avoiding multiple entry of data into computer systems. EDI is fast, accurate, reliable and cost effective. Many insurers nationwide use EDI routinely and the Workers' Compensation Division has worked hard to make this service available for Tennessee's workers' compensation system.

Insurers sign a trading partner agreement with the Workers' Compensation Division. This agreement includes testing the reporting system to determine if the transmission mechanism is acceptable. Upon completion of testing, the Division will notify the trading partner of approval to submit production data. The International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC) offers education on reporting workers' compensation data electronically.

Below is a listing of the forms of the Workers' Compensation Division that are required to be submitted electronically.

Proof of Coverage (POC) Information that must be submitted electronically to a vender that is IAIABC certified and approved by the Workers' Compensation Division. The National Council on Compensation Insurance is IAIABC certified and authorized to submit POC data on each insurance carriers' behalf.

I-01 Certificate of Insurer  
I-02 Notice of Cancellation, Reinstatement or Endorsement  

Forms that must be electronically filed through electronic data interchange (EDI)

C20 First Report of Work Injury FROI MTC 00
C21 Monthly Report of Noncompensable Injuries FROI MTC 00 must be filed for each claim that was required to be reported on the C21.
C22 Notice of First Payment
SROI MTC IP = First Payment
SROI MTC RB = Reinstatement
C26 Notice of Change/Termination of Benefits SROI MTC CA = Change Benefits
SROI MTC S1/S9 = Termination of Benefit
C29   Notice of Final Payment SROI MTC FN

Note: The C29/FN must be filed on all claims that do not result in permanency (settlement). All cases that result in permanency will require the filing of the SD1. The SD1 must be filed with the court or with the Division at the time of settlement.

Forms that must be filed on paper with the Division and may be filed electronically through EDI.

C23 Notice of Denial FR0I MTC 04, SR0I MTC 04, SR0I 4P

EDI Information

EDI Proof of Coverage Memo

EDI Implementation Guide

Trading Partner Agreement

FROI Event Table

SROI Event Table

Annual Reporting Requirements

If you have questions about EDI, you may contact Emily Shacklett at