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Workers' Compensation Division - Employers

If you are an employer in Tennessee, the Division of Workers’ Compensation is here to help you!  If your employee gets hurt at work or gets sick from his/her job, Tennessee’s Workers’ Compensation Act requires most employers to pay for the medical treatment needed.  Employers must pay if the employee cannot work; but, not the same amount that he/she received for working.  Employees do not have to pay to get workers’ compensation benefits.  It is paid for by the employer.  It does not generally matter whether the accident was the employee’s fault, another worker’s, or the employer’s.  Employees still get the benefits spelled out in Tennessee’s Workers’ Compensation law.  If someone gets injured, though, an employer is expected to immediately notify their insurance carrier or third party administrator (TPA) so that the claim can be processed timely.

For more information, just click on any of these links below.  You can also call our Help Line at 615-532-4812 or 1-800-332-2667 for answers to specific questions.

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