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Important Notice: Beginning with the July 2015 Bar Exam, all foreign educated applicants will be required to submit a course-by-course evaluation from either World Education Services (www.wes.org) or Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (www.ece.org) in lieu of foreign transcripts. This will be a requirement for all foreign educated applicants, even if you sat for or have been previously approved to sit for the exam.

The Tennessee Board of Law Examiners governs the examination and admission of attorneys who wish to practice law in Tennessee. This office admits attorneys previously licensed in another jurisdiction for more than 5 years (comity admission) and administers the bar examination to recent law school graduates. The exam is given twice a year (February and July). It is a 2 day exam consisting of the Multistate Bar Examination (multiple choice), the Multistate Performance Test and 9 essay questions.

The blocks on the left margin of this page provide all of the information and forms necessary to sit for the bar examination and for attorneys previously licensed in another jurisdiction seeking admission to the Tennessee Bar.

Instructions for Uploading Essay Answers for the Feb. 2015 Examination - click here

To contact BLE:

Tennessee Board of Law Examiners
401 Church Street, Suite 2200
Nashville, Tennessee 37219
Phone: 615-741-3234
Fax: 615-741-5867


For any fees due to the Tennessee Board of Law Examiners, please note that we do not accept payment by credit card. We accept cash, checks, cashier’s checks and money orders only.


Paragraph 2e of the Board's Policies and Procedures was amended at the July 2014 Board meeting. The amendment was approved by the Supreme Court on September 26, 2014. Please click the "Policies and Procedures" tab in the left column on this page to view the Policies and Procedures.

Transfer of TN MBE score to another jurisdiction
You may request that your Tennessee Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) score be transferred to another jurisdiction by contacting the NCBE. Score transfers are not available for scores that are more than 7 years old. For information regarding the score transfer process and fees, as well as score transfer forms, visit the
NCBE website

Grading Policy Change

MJP / In-house Counsel Admission - TSC Rule 7 § 10.01