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Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy

Mailing Address:

Law Enforcement Training Academy
3025 Lebanon Rd.
Nashville, TN 37214


Phone: (615) 741-4448
Fax: (615) 741-3366


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Instructors and Staff Contact Info
Name/Title Teaches
Brian Grisham, Director General Subjects, Legal, Leadership & Management

Sam Reed, Assistant Director

Patrol, EMS, Emergency Vehicle Operations
John Owens, Supervisor of Training General Subjects, Traffic, Child Sexual Abuse
Cary Erwin, Firing Range Master Primary Markmanship, General Subjects, Spanish
Mark Hall General Subjects, Drugs, Interview and Interrogation, Physical Fitness, Investigations, Firing Range
Phillip Michael Patrol Tactics, Firearms, Man Tracking, Training Officer Development, Firing Range
Dale Robinson Patrol, Legal, Firing Range
Shana Roberts, Driving Track Master General Subjects, Gangs, Cultural Diversity, Sexual Harassment, Report Writing
James Kubic Patrol Tactics, Hate Bias, Defensive Tactics, Terrorism, SWAT, Physical Fitness
Mark R. Wills Defensive Tactics, Firearms, Domestic Violence
Keith Dunn Patrol, Field Training Officer, Patrol Training Officer, Emergency Vehicle Operations
Eugene Fitzhugh Crime Scene Investigations, Sex Crimes Investigations, Emergency Vehicle Operations


Administrative Support Contact Info
Kelly Morgan
Executive Assistant

Patricia Shepard

Administrative Assistant I

Earl Baker

Accountant III

Cindy Miller

Administrative Secretary

Kim Moss
Administrative Services Assistant II

Woody Stafford

Security Guard II

Dean Lewis

Administrative Services Assistant II


Dining Facility Contact Info
Joe Malone
Food Service Supervisor I
Beth Burdge
Cook II
Rhonda London
Food Service Worker
Maurice Batey
Cook I
Eric Rusk
Lori Bowers
Food Service Worker (Part-Time)