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Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy

Undercover operations course (basic)


Dec 11 – Dec 15 2015 (This is a weekend course)


Start/End Time(s)

1200- 2100hrs for most days - hours will vary



Sullivan County



Travis Robinson TLETA, along with State and Federal Agencies



This is an introductory course for undercover operations in law enforcement.  The primary purpose of the course is to immerse the student in clandestine operations with a focus on undercover operations. 

The course will serve as a basic undercover operations course.  The student will be heavily involved in scenario based training with active role players for the entire course. 


The course will cover subjects to include but not limited to:

Undercover Operations

Operational Surveillance

Managing Undercover Operations

Operational Planning

Tactical Rescue



Local $125.00       Room NOT Included

State- $150.00      Room NOT Included



40+ hours





It is recommended that the student be assigned to an investigative unit.   Contact Travis Robinson for any questions. ( )



Participants may bring the following:

1) Civilian Clothes,

2) Cell Phone to include chargers,

3) Vehicles (no marked vehicles) 1 vehicle per two students.

4) Clandestine holsters for weapon system (non- duty belt). 

5) Open schedules with no prior engagements.

6) Open mind with positive attitude.


To Register

If your department has been activated on the Acadis Portal, you can register via the Portal by clicking HERE. Log in and go to the Training & Events tab.


Or you can fill out the paper form and return to Kim Moss at:


or mail to: 3025 Lebanon Pike, Nashville, TN 37214


or fax to 615.741.3366


Fill-in Form

Printable Form


Other Notes

Maximum number of students is 20.


Email  once student has signed up for course.



For additional information on TLETA programs, please contact us at (615) 741-4448 or email us at: