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Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy

Child Sex Trafficking:  Law Enforcement Response


October 29-31, 2014


Start/End Time(s)

8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. each day



Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy

3025 Lebanon Pike

Nashville, TN  37214



Fox Valley Technical College



This training is designed to provide law enforcement investigators, human trafficking task force members and social service providers with the information necessary to properly understand, recognize and investigate cases involving child sex trafficking and exploitation.  Modules include a focus on the survivor’s perspective and changing perceptions regarding trafficking victims. 


Participants and instructors will delve deep into the dynamics of trafficking and exploitation to improve their skills related to interviewing the victim and interrogation the trafficker.  Further, participants will receive instruction on tactical implementation designed to identify human trafficking and exploitation, conduct enforcement operations as well as the roles of non-profits, probation and parole.



Tuition is free.


If the student wishes to stay and eat at TLETA, the fee is as follows:


Lodging (meals are included)

$150 – City/County Officers

$180 – In-State/Out-of-State Officers


Meals only will be $75 for all three days.  Meals cannot be individually purchased.


Inquiries regarding meals and lodging must be made through Annette Tedford at



24 hours






Participants may bring the following:  laptops and writing instruments


To Register

In order to be enrolled in this course, please register through the following website:


Other Notes


For additional information on TLETA programs, please contact us at (615) 741-4448 or email us at: