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Division of Substance Abuse Services

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Program

The Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment (ADAT) Program is a state-funded program which provides alcohol and drug abuse treatment services for DUI offenders.

To be eligible for the ADAT program, offenders must:

1. Have a Current Conviction of one of the following;

a. DUI First Offense OR

b. DUI Second (or greater) Offense OR

c. Driving on a Canceled, Suspended, or Revoked license (along with proof that the license was cancelled, suspended or revoked due to a prior DUI conviction in the past five years);


2. Be directed into treatment by order of the court;


 3. Be deemed indigent by the court.

Treatment services are provided by 42 ADAT-contracted providers across the state. Each provider is a state-licensed alcohol and drug abuse treatment facility.

For a listing of ADAT Providers statewide, please contact the ADAT Program Director at
615-741-1921 and request it by fax or e-mail.

To access a complete ADAT Information Packet, please click here.

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