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Division of Mental Health Services

Office of Children & Youth

Intervention Services

Regional Intervention Program (RIP)

RIP is an internationally recognized, award winning, parent-implemented program designed for the early treatment of children with moderate to severe behavior disorders.
Established in 1969, RIP is available to families that have concerns regarding a young child's behavior.

Enrollment is available to families with children under six years of age and no referral from a doctor is necessary.

Program outline
At least one parent (or other adult with legal guardianship) and one child from each enrolled family i required to participate in the program a minimum of two times per week.

Supported by a small professional and paraprofessional staff, parents serve as primary teachers and therapists for their own child, as daily operators of the overall program and as primary sources of assistance in an outcome-based management by objectives system.

Treatment is divided into two phases: Phase 1 (active treatment) and Phase 2 (payback treatment). Program activities are organized within a system of modules that include: behavioral skills training, social skills training, developmental skills training, RIP preschool classrooms, and work groups.

Parents learn and have the opportunity to practice behavior management skills by viewing video tapes, taking observational data on other families, teaching in classrooms, individual sessions with their own children, and talking with RIP staff and other parents. Feedback on parent and child performance is given daily and formal treatment objectives are evaluated regularly.

The RIP-Nashville program and 12 RIP-Expansion programs are funded across Tennessee by TDMH. For more information and locations across the state go to

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