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Division of Mental Health Services

Office of Children & Youth

Other Services Sponsored by TDMH

TDMH funds the following services for Children and Youth and their families in Tennessee.

ERASING THE STIGMA: Erase the Stigma is a statewide educational program that promotes understanding of mental health and wellness by providing basic information and education about mental illness, the warning signs and symptoms in regards to children and youth with serious emotional disturbance, and their needs and the needs of their families.

For more information contact The Mental Health Association of Middle Tennessee at 615-777-DUCK, toll free at 866-535-DUCK or visit And remember, Don't Duck Mental Health!

RENEWAL HOUSE: Renewal House provides services to addicted mothers and their children. Renewal House fosters healing, resiliency, and continuing recovery to enhance family health. The Department provides funding for early intervention and prevention services to children at risk of serious emotional disturbances or substance abuse, who reside at Renewal House with their mothers.
For more information on Renewal House call 615-255-5222 or visit

VISIONS FOR TOMORROW: Visions for Tomorrow is an education course for primary caregivers of children with brain disorders. Caregivers may be parents, extended family or fosters parents.
For more information on Visions for Tomorrow contact NAMI of Tennessee at 615-361-6608 or visit

EDUCATION AND SUPPORT FOR CHILDREN OF ADULTS WITH MENTAL ILLNESS: Funding is provided to the Mental Health Association of East Tennessee for education/support groups for children of severely and persistently mentally ill adults throughout the State. Support groups offer emotional support, education, and information to children of adults with mental illness. Technical assistance is also provided to agencies serving mentally ill adults and children.

For more information, call the Mental Health Association of East Tennessee at 865-584-9125 or visit

CHILD CARE CONSULTATION: TDMH provides funding to Tennessee Voices for Children to provide mental health training and technical assistance services to benefit staff members and children associated with child care, Head Start, and early childhood centers across the state.
For more information on this program, contact Tennessee Voices for Children at 1-800-670-9882 or visit

FAMILY SUPPORT AND ADVOCACY: Funding is provided to Tennessee Voices for Children to provide support, education, advocacy, and referrals to families of children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral problems throughout the entire state.

For more information on Tennessee Voices for Children's family support and advocacy services contact Tennessee Voices for Children at 1-800-670-9882 or visit

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