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Housing and Homeless Services

Targeted Transitional Support Program

The Targeted Transitional Support program assists persons being discharged from regional mental health institutes by enabling them to move into community settings with temporary transitional support while more permanent support is being established. This program assists people who otherwise would need to stay in the institute or would be discharged to the street because they do not have the resources necessary to begin their life in the community. Moving these individuals to appropriate, less restrictive and integrated settings are considered optimal for the consumer and a cost savings for the state.

TDMHSAS contracts with community agencies in each service area to identify individuals eligible for the program and assure they receive needed temporary assistance. The program serves adults diagnosed with mental illness and co-occurring disorders who are recently discharged from one of the five RMHIs and lack the financial resources to pay for independent living or mental health services.

This program has shown to reduce the likelihood of hospitalization and the use of acute care, increase community tenure and the likelihood of employment, ensure that consumers receive the needed services in order to successfully integrate into the community, improve the quality of life, and reduce the reliance upon more costly services. In 2008, the program assisted 861 individuals discharged from RMHIs in a timely fashion.

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