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Division of Mental Health Services


One of the goals of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act is the inclusion of consumers and their families in all activities of state government. Their participation at all levels of government serves to affirm the efficacy of consumer empowerment. The Office of Consumer Affairs and Peer Support Services gives voice to the consumer perspective within TDMH in the following ways:

The OCA:

  • Represents the interests and issues of consumers within the department
  • Participates in the development and implementation of departmental planning, policies, and programs
  • Works closely with advocacy organizations to track stakeholder issues
  • Influences public policy and practice
  • Coordinates the department’s response to consumer and family questions and concerns
  • Represents and articulates departmental policies and programs to the consumer community
  • Reviews and makes recommendations on critical legislation and regulations
  • Equips consumers and their families with tools to advocate for themselves

The Office of Consumer Affairs and Peer Support Services identifies and tracks issues of concern to consumers and their families with input from the Consumer Advisory Board, Tennessee Voices for Children, NAMI Tennessee, and the Tennessee Mental Health Consumers’ Association. The Office serves as the department’s internal voice for these stakeholders through participation in the development of departmental policies and programs.

Providing consumer and family perspective to the department engenders a sense of empowerment within the consumer community and affirms the principle of “Nothing about Us without Us.”

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