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Board for Licensing Contractors

Contracting License Step 5


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Complete the synopsis, experience and affidavit pages of the "Contractor’s License Application. Make sure all questions on the application are complete. If you feel any questions do not apply, please write an explanation; do not leave anything blank! Be sure to list experience from working with other companies, as well as that of other owner(s) or officers.


Please list information from other licenses, such as, if this is a second or additional license; or if you were a qualifying agent or officer listed on a license. Disclosure of a felony, judgements, or complaints is also required. Failing to disclose, could delay the issuance of the license for submitting false information.


Contractor’s Affidavit


Be sure the affidavit is signed and notarized by all applicable individuals (qualifying agent, owner(s), partners, members, main officers and major stockholders). All blocks must be checked. Attach an explanation where applicable. If you have complaints, convictions or have bid where a license is required, you will be required to interview with the Board. Supplying false information is grounds for having a license denied. Those bidding without a license, this violation requires the license to be held six (6) months. See T.C.A. 62-6-118 and 120.


The Power-of-Attorney form in the application is required if the Qualifying Agent is not an owner with majority ownership.


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