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Board for Licensing Contractors

Contracting License Step 7


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Board Interview


An interview may be required with a Board member at the regularly scheduled meeting (see "Calendar" for meeting dates) for those not meeting the criteria to have the interview waived (see "Waiver of Interview" below). If an interview is required and the application was received prior to the deadline date to be scheduled, an "admission" letter is sent with the date, time and location of the Board meeting. The interview is informal and takes no longer than 30 minutes. However, due to scheduling volume, waiting time could take more than an hour. Contractors are generally interviewed by a Board member who is familiar with the type of license requested. For example, an electrical contractor is typically interviewed by a Board member experienced in the electrical field. Therefore, some contractors will be seen earlier. The application is reviewed and general questions will be asked about contracting experience and to make sure the license classification covers your type of projects. Use this time to ask the Board member advice or the staff questions concerning the licensing law. You may request your license I.D. number at this time, however, it is not approved until the full Board votes during their business meeting. There is not a required dress code.


Those who are obtaining a restricted residential (BC-A/r) must interview; those with not enough experience provided on the application (3 years); those with felony convictions; and those with complaints are also not waived. These applicants will receive a letter notifying an interview is required.


Board Meeting Schedule (Calendar)


Waiver of Interview


The contractor’s interview may be waived if the contractor's application was received complete and in order. Waived applicants will not be approved for a license until after the Board meets; therefore, do not use your license ID number until approved. At the "License Search", the license status will show "Active" with an expiration date; classification; an the monetary limit assigned to the license. License certificates are issued after the Board meeting and they take approximately 1 to 2 weeks for staff to complete.


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