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Soil Scientist Licensing Program

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  • Read the 2014 Legislative Update Report for the Soil Scientist Licensing Program here.
  • Notice of Rulemaking Hearing – Professional Soil Scientists Licensing Program – October 29, 2013

  • Online Renewal Now Available! Click here to renew online.

  • The next CSSE exam(s) are scheduled for Friday, November 21, 2014. Exam registration will be August 18 - October 3, 2014.   Please contact Michele Lovejoy at 608-268-4947 or with questions.The exams are given at UT-Knoxville and UT-Martin.

  • The initial application for licensure as a Soil Scientist in Tennessee is now available on this website under the Forms and Downloads link.

    Per Rule 0780-05-06-.04(c), in addtion to meeting our education and experience requirements, applicants must also pass the fundamentals AND professional practice soil science examinations administered by the Council of Soil Science Examiners (CSSE).
  • Per Rule 0780-05-06-.11, a license seeking regular biennal renewal shall, as a prerequiste for renewal, show that he or she has completed no less than twelve (12) hours of continuing education during the two (2) year renewal period immediately preceding renewal.  One (1) of the twelve (12) continuing education hours each licensee obtains for renewal shall be in ethics.

  • Each licensee shall, when making application for renewal, submit on the prescribed form a signed statement setting forth the number of continuing education hours that he or she has completed during the reporting period.  Licensees shall retain documentation evidencing their continuing education hours for at least five (5) years subsequent to the date of submission.  The continuing reporting form is now available on this website by clicking here.


    The purpose of the Tennessee Professional Soil Scientists Licensing Program is to ensure that only qualified persons are licensed to practice soil science in Tennessee, thereby benefiting the safety, health, and property of the people of this state and promoting the public welfare.

    For more information about this Division, Contact Donna Moulder.




Donna Moulder
Donna Moulder



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