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Salvage and Non-repairable Vehicles

How to Obtain a Salvage Certificate

Once a vehicle has been deemed a total loss by an insurance company, your title and registration are void. Please complete the Application for Tennessee Salvage/Non-Repairable Certificate form, and send to the Special Investigations, Anti-theft Unit. The original Certificate of Title must be attached to the application, and the appropriate box checked to indicate Salvage or Non-repairable.

Vehicles Deemed a Total Loss

This does not apply to vehicles that are 10 calendar years old or older. For vehicles newer than 10 years old, the owner must surrender the original Tennessee title and complete an Application for a Salvage Certificate to the Special Investigations, Anit-theft Unit. Once processed, the salvage certificate will be mailed to the registered owner.

NOTE: A vehicle with a salvage certificate CANNOT be operated legally on the roadways of Tennessee. In order to drive the vehicle on the road again, the owner must follow the procedures outlined in the Rebuilt Vehicle process.

Non-repairable Vehicles

A non-repairable vehicle shall be issued a Non-repairable Certificate and shall never again be titled and registered in the state of Tennessee.