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Specialty License Plates - Current Tennessee License Plate

Current TN License PlateCurrent Tennessee License Plate - This plate is available to Tennessee residents who are registering private passenger motor vehicles known as cars, station wagons, vans or pick-up trucks up to 3/4 ton rating and 9000 pounds and under in weight. This plate is valid for all motor homes regardless of their weight. The annual fee is $21.50.

Personalized MotorcyclePersonalized license plates are available for both automobiles and motorcycles. The annual fee for automobiles is $56.50 and $49.50 for motorcycles. Personalized automobile plates have the standard "Green Mountain" background artwork found on regularly-issued license plates, while personalized motorcycle plates do not include any background artwork. Automobiles may not have less than three, nor more than seven numbers, letters or combinations thereof. Motorcycles may not have less than three, nor more than six characters.

Application for Tennessee Personalized License Plate (PDF) is made directly to the Vehicle Services Division with the complete name and address of the applicant, name of the county which the plate is to be sent and the fee of $35. The application should include the registrant's three choices to be approved by the division. Upon approval, a letter is sent to the applicant advising when to pick up the plate and pay the remainder of the fees. A personalized plate may not be issued for any vehicle that is required to be registered in a commercial classification.

For office use only: Class Code - 1000; if personalized -2000