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Criminal Investigation Division

Contact Information

Captain Mark Stanford
1150 Foster Ave, Cooper Hall
Nashville, TN 37243

Our Mission

The mission of the Criminal Investigation Division is to investigate, gather evidence, and assist federal, state, and local law enforcement, when requested per T.C.A. 4-7-401 et al.

Agents of the Criminal Investigation Division have the authority to:

  • Provide investigative and technical support to members of the Highway Patrol in all criminal matters initiated by their actions.
  • Provide investigative and technical support to the Driver License Division.
  • Provide investigative and technical support to the Internal Affairs Division.
  • Conduct overt and covert criminal investigations relating to:
    1. Theft of motor vehicles and parts there from,
    2. Stolen boats, airplanes, and parts there from,
    3. Violation of title and registration laws,
    4. Operation of chop shops,
    5. Odometer fraud,
    6. Vehicular homicides and assaults, and
    7. Insurance fraud relating to motor vehicles

This division also conducts background investigations for prospective Department of Safety employees, and provides specialized training to other law enforcement agencies when requested.


In addition to the Nashville central office, the Criminal Investigation Division has four regional offices. For more information concerning the Criminal Investigation Division, please contact your local office.

Region 1 - Fall Branch/Knoxville
Phone: (423) 587-7081
Cell: (423) 413-2135

Region 2 - Cookeville/Chattanooga
Phone: (931) 528-4130
Cell: (931) 239-5050

Region 3 - Nashville/Lawrenceburg
Phone: (615) 251-5185
Cell: (931) 279-1446

Region 4 - Jackson/Memphis
Phone: (731) 668-9644
Cell: (615) 426-7794