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February 9, 2015

SBE Hope Lottery Scholarship Presentation (PowerPoint or PDF Format)

For detailed questions about the scholarship, please call the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (615) 741 - 1346.

The "Reason Why" Behind the HOPE Scholarship

The HOPE lottery scholarship provides a tremendous opportunity for all students to earn continued support from the state for education beyond high school. In Tennessee ’s quest to attain higher levels of educational attainment, developing the “reason why” behind the lottery scholarships is an important area of focus for school leaders, students, and families.

2005 ACT results for Tennessee reveal that only 16 percent of test takers are “likely to be ready for college-level work”. This independent analysis correlates well with Tennessee ’s college pipeline, ranging between 14 and 15 out of every 100 ninth graders earning a college degree, within 150% of the allotted time. This statistic is important, as the purpose of the HOPE scholarship extends beyond college admittance towards the successful completion of a post-secondary degree. The odds of earning a higher degree increase tremendously for students not required to take remedial courses, due to gaps in their subject-level knowledge.

More striking is that ACT’s research concludes that the academic skills necessary for college readiness are the same as the skills required to succeed and advance in the career technical workforce ( So, ACT scores are important predictors and relevant even for students headed immediately to the workforce.

ACT’s benchmarks for success state that an 18 is required in English, a 22 in Algebra, a 21 in the Social Sciences, and a 24 in Biology. Paying attention to these subject specific indicators can provide a more standardized platform for parents, students, and school leaders. Attaining each of these scores indicates a 50% chance of attaining a B or higher in a corresponding credit-bearing course in college.

To assist school boards and district leaders in communicating such information, State Board staff have created a PowerPoint, adaptable to the needs of multiple audiences. This presentation includes an overview of global competition in which our students compete and a detailed profile of the additional career wages associated with higher levels of education. All variations of the HOPE scholarship are also presented with specific references to the overall tuition impact of the scholarship.

SBE Hope Lottery Scholarship Presentation (PowerPoint or PDF Format)

For more information, please visit:

The Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation's College Pays information page. A resource for college planning. A free guide to financial aid for higher education. The U.S. Dept. of Education's Free Application for Federal Student Aid website.