Rules of the
Tennessee Department of Agriculture

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Division of Regulatory Services
0080-06-01 Regulations Governing Nurseries Dealers and Agents
0080-06-02 Repealed
0080-06-03 Sweet Potato Certification
0080-06-04 Regulations for Turfgrass Certification
0080-06-05 Repealed
0080-06-06 Sweet Potato Weevil Quarantine
0080-06-07 Repealed (Phony Peach Disease)
0080-06-08 White-fringed Beetle Quarantine
0080-06-09 Repealed
0080-06-10 Emerald Ash Borer Quarantine
0080-06-11 Thousand Cankers Quarantine
0080-06-12 Brown Garden Snail Quarantine
0080-06-13 Repealed
0080-06-14 Pest Control Operators
0080-06-15 Rules and Regulations Governing Commercial Aerial Applications of Pesticides
0080-06-16 Regulations Governing Use of Restricted Use of Pesticides
0080-06-17 Malus/Pyrus Virus-Free Certification
0080-06-18 Repealed
0080-06-19 Imported Fire Ant Quarantine
0080-06-20 Common Pine Shoot Beetle (Exterior Quarantine)
0080-06-21 Administrative Fees
0080-06-22 Boll Weevil Eradication
0080-06-23 Gypsy Moth Quarantine
0080-06-24 Pest Plant Regulations
0080-06-25 Civil Penalty Matrix
0080-06-26 Rules and Regulations Governing Quarantine of Sudden Oak Death
(Phytophthora Ramorum)
0080-06-27 Worker Protection
0080-06-28 Industrial Hemp