Rules of the
Tennessee Department of Finance and Administration

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Bureau of TennCare/Medicaid
1200-13-01 Tenn-Care Long-Term Care Programs
Emergency rule filed June 30, 2015; effective through December 27, 2015.
Emergency rule filed July 27, 2015; effective through January 23, 2016.
1200-13-02 Repealed
1200-13-03 Repealed
1200-13-04 Repealed
1200-13-05 Hospital Annual Coverage Assessment
Emergency rule filed July 1, 2015; effective through December 28 2015.
1200-13-06 Nursing Facility Level I Program
1200-13-07 Reserved
1200-13-08 Skilled Nursing Home Program
1200-13-09 Psychiatric Hospital Reimbursement Program
1200-13-10 Repealed
1200-13-11 Administrative Fees
1200-13-12 Repealed

TennCare Medicaid


TennCare Standard

1200-13-15 Repealed
1200-13-16 Medical Necessity

TennCare Crossover Payments for Medicare Deductibles and Co-Insurance

1200-13-18 TennCare Administrative Actions and Provider Appeals
1200-13-19 Appeals of Certain Eligibility Determinations and TennCare Delay Hearings