Rules of the
Tennessee Regulatory Authority

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Division of Public Utilities

1220-04-01 General Public Utilities Rules
1220-04-02 Regulations for Telephone Companies
1220-04-03 Water Regulations
1220-04-04 Regulations for Electric Companies
1220-04-05 Regulations for Gas Companies
1220-04-06 Ten Year Master Plan for Technology Deployment by Telephone Companies
1220-04-07 Purchased Gas Adjustment Rules
1220-04-08 Regulations for Local Telecommunications Providers
1220-04-09 Repealed
1220-04-10 Rules for Collecting Contributions from Telecommunications Providers and Distributing Assistive Telecommunications Equipment to the Qualified Individuals with Disabilities
1220-04-11 Telephone Solicitation Regulations - Do Not Call Register
1220-04-12 Reserved
1220-04-13 Wastewater Regulations