Rules of the
Tennessee Department of Human Services

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Family Assistance Division
1240-01-01 Introduction and Right to Apply
1240-01-02 Family Assistance Unit - Food Stamp Program
1240-01-03 Non-Financial Eligibility Requirements
1240-01-04 Financial Eligibility Requirements
1240-01-05 Destitute Households - Food Stamps
1240-01-06 Medicaid Coverage - AFDC Only
1240-01-07 Periods of Eligibility
1240-01-08 Definitions and Abbreviations
1240-01-09 Transitional Food Stamp Eligibility
1240-01-10 General Provisions
1240-01-11 Reserved for Future Use
1240-01-12 Rights and Responsibilities
1240-01-13 Case Record Management
1240-01-14 Application Process
1240-01-15 Interviewing for Eligibility
1240-01-16 Verification Procedures
1240-01-17 Timeliness Standards
1240-01-18 Authorization of Grants and Allotments
1240-01-19 Continuing Responsibilities
1240-01-20 Overpayments and Claims
1240-01-21 AFDC Underpayments and Overpayments
1240-01-22 AFDC Intentional Program Violations
1240-01-23 through
Reserved for Future Use
1240-01-31 Drug Addict and Alcoholic Treatment Centers and Group Living Arrangements - Food Stamps Only
1240-01-32 Strikers
1240-01-33 Reserved for Future Use
1240-01-34 AFDC - Foster Care
1240-01-35 AFDC - Medicaid only - AFDC
1240-01-36 Caretaker - SSI Child - AFDC
1240-01-37 Emergency Assistance Program
1240-01-38 Reserved for Future Use
1240-01-39 Reserved for Future Use
1240-01-40 Health Services
1240-01-41 Repealed
1240-01-42 Repealed
1240-01-43 Protection of Children
1240-01-44 Repatriated Citizens
1240-01-45 Purpose, Scope, Application of Rules, Definitions and Right to Apply Families First Program
1240-01-46 Family Assistance Unit Families First Program
1240-01-47 Non-Financial Eligibility Requirements - Families First Program
1240-01-48 Child Support Requirements
1240-01-49 Families First Employment and Training
1240-01-50 Financial Eligibility Requirements - Families First Program
1240-01-51 Periods of Eligibility
1240-01-52 Families First Underpayments and Overpayments
1240-01-53 Families First Intentional Program Violations
1240-01-54 Child Care - Families First Program
1240-01-55 Medicaid Coverage - Families First Program
1240-01-56 Pilot Demonstration Projects - Families First Program
1240-01-57 Families First Eligibility - Drug Screening and Testing
1240-01-58 Electronic Benefit Transfer Card - Prohibited Uses