Rules of the
Tennessee Department of Human Services

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Tennessee Business Enterprises
1240-06-01 General Rules
1240-06-02 License
1240-06-03 Probationary Periods
1240-06-04 Classification and Certification
1240-06-05 Assignment of Managers
1240-06-06 Removal of Manager
1240-06-07 Training Program
1240-06-08 Vending Machine Income on Non-Federal Property
1240-06-09 Setting Aside Funds
1240-06-10 Facility Operational Requirements
1240-06-11 Administrative Review, Evidentiary, Fair Hearing and Arbitration
1240-06-12 Committee of Blind Vendors
1240-06-13 Priority for the Establishment of Vending Facilities
1240-06-14 Vending Machine Income
1240-06-15 Agency's Duties and Obligations
1240-06-16 Health Insurance and Retirement Program
1240-06-17 Procurement Requirements