Rules of the
Tennessee Department of State

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Division of Elections
Chapter Description
1360-02-01 Introduction
1360-02-02 State Certification
1360-02-03 Purchase of Punch Card Devices
1360-02-04 Ballot Specifications
1360-02-05 Duties of County Election Commission
1360-02-06 Procedure Prior to Election
1360-02-07 Procedure During Election
1360-02-08 Procedure After Polls Have Closed
1360-02-09 Procedures at the Counting Center
1360-02-10 Absentee Voting by Mail with Punch Cards
1360-02-11 Voter Registration By Mail
1360-02-12 Electronic Vote Counting (Optical Scan)
Systems Rules and Regulations
1360-02-13 Electronic Voting Machines Rules and Regulations
1360-02-14 Absentee Voting by Mail with Punchcards
1360-02-15 Procedures for Early Voting on Mechanical Lever
1360-02-16 Procedures for Preparing Lists of Those Individuals
Who Vote Early
1360-02-17 Appendix
1360-02-18 Downloading Early Voting Results