Rules of the
University of Tennessee

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All Campuses
1720-01-01 Classifying Students In-State and Out-of-State
1720-01-02 Use of University Property
1720-01-03 Contested Case Hearing- Waiver Policy
1720-01-04 Policies and Procedure for Personnel Service, Professional Service, and Consultant Service Contracts
1720-01-05 Procedure for Conducting Hearings in Accordance with the Contested Case Provisions
of Uniform Administrative Procedures Act
1720-01-06 Records Requiring Confidentiality
1720-01-07 Solicitation on University Property
1720-01-08 Assembly Policy
1720-01-09 Policy Relative to Monthly Payment of Room and/or Board Charges by Students
1720-01-10 University Indentification Card

Charges for Producing Copies of Public Records


Use of University Property by Non-Affiliated Persons for Free Expression Activities