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October 2013 Commission Meeting

The agenda and docket book material are posted below. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the documents unless otherwise indicated. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may download the free software at Adobe. Videos of the meeting are available for viewing: October 23 and October 24.

Public Notice


Tab 1 - Minutes of August 2013 Meeting

Tab 2 - Commission Updates

Tab 3 - Outside Water Rate Setting

    Presentations on Legislation Concerning Water and Sewer Rates for Non-Residents of Cities (House Bill 600 by Hill, T.)

Tab 4 - Insurance versus Surety Bonds Legislation

    Presentations on Legislation Concerning Insurance in Lieu of Surety Bonds (Senate Bill 624 by Norris)
  • John Evans, President, Next Generation Underwriters, Risk Management
  • Brian Offmeister, Director of Policy Analysis, Department of Commerce & Insurance
  • Joyce Welborn, Legislative Auditor, Comptroller of the Treasury
  • Sarah Hiestand, Senior Counsel, Attorney General's Office
  • Jack Spann, President, Spann Insurance
  • Becky Brock, Director of Members Services, Local Government Insurance Pool
  • John Calvin, Director of Underwriting, TML Risk Management Pool

Tab 5 - State and Local Government Transparency—Final Report for Approval

Tab 6 - Municipal Boundary Changes and Comprehensive Growth Plans (Public Chapter 441, Acts of 2013)—Draft Report for Review and Comment