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Resource Mapping of Services for Children

An array of services is provided through multiple departments of state and local governments and private agencies in Tennessee to meet the needs of children. However, interagency planning, collaboration and coordination of efforts to create a comprehensive vision and integrated service delivery plan across agencies is insufficient. The systems providing services for children are funded with public dollars from a host of federal and state funding streams, but too often lack coordination sufficient to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness necessary to achieve desired outcomes.

The purpose of Public Chapter 1197 is to develop a resource map of services and programs for children across the state to better inform the Governor and members of the General Assembly in developing policy, setting goals and making decisions regarding allocation of resources.

P.C. 1197 requires the Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth (TCCY) to design and oversee resource mapping of all federal and state funding streams that support the health, safety, permanence, growth and development, and education of children in Tennessee from conception through the age of service receipt through the Department of Children's Services (DCS). State departments are required to provide assistance in the process.

P.C. 1197 requires the Commission to update and maintain a current resource map of the funds used to support children in the state. This preliminary report, as required by the statute, discusses the efforts made toward implementation of the legislation, the status of the project and the challenges Resource Mapping faces in efforts to meet the goals of the legislation.

The Resource Mapping Project is staffed by Rose Naccarato who may be reached at Rose Naccarato.