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Title 37 Juveniles

Chapter 1 Juvenile Courts and Proceedings

Part 6 Child Sexual Abuse

37-1-611. Duties of department of children's services - Cooperation with department - Publicity and education program.

(a) The department shall:

(1) Have prime responsibility for strengthening and improving child sexual abuse detection, prevention and treatment efforts;

(2) Seek and encourage the development of improved or additional programs and activities, the assumption of prevention and treatment responsibilities by additional agencies and organizations, and the coordination of existing programs and activities;

(3) To the fullest extent possible, cooperate with and seek cooperation of all appropriate public and private agencies, including health, education, social services, and law enforcement agencies, and courts, organizations, or programs providing or concerned with children's services related to the prevention, detection, intervention or treatment of child sexual abuse; and

(4) Provide ongoing protective, treatment and ameliorative services to, and on behalf of, children in need of protection to safeguard and ensure their well-being and, whenever possible, to preserve and stabilize family life.

(b) All state, county, and local agencies have a duty to give such cooperation, assistance, and information to the department as will enable it to fulfill its responsibilities.

(c) The department shall conduct a continuing publicity and education program to encourage the fullest degree of reporting of suspected child sexual abuse for staff and officials required to report and any other appropriate persons. The program shall include, but not be limited to, information concerning the responsibilities, obligations, and powers provided under this part; the methods for diagnosis of child sexual abuse; and the procedures of the child protective service program, the juvenile court, and other duly authorized agencies. In developing training programs for staff, the department shall place emphasis on preservice and inservice training for single intake, protective services, and foster care staff, which would include skills in diagnosis and treatment of child sexual abuse and procedures of the child protective system and judicial process.

Acts 1985, ch. 478, § 12; 1996, ch. 1079, § 73.

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