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Title 71 Welfare

Chapter 3 Programs and Services for Children

Part 5 Child Care Agencies

71-3-511. Licensing standards committees.

(a) The commissioner of human services shall appoint a standards committee composed of twelve (12) citizens, three (3) from each grand division of the state, and three (3) at-large for the purpose of developing or reviewing standards and regulations for each class of child care agency defined in this part. The classes of child care regulated by the department shall be represented by members of the standards committee.

(b) For any new class of child care agency as defined in this part, the standards committee shall develop and recommend to the commissioner the standards and regulations for that new class of child care agency. The standards and regulations of each existing class of child care agency shall be reviewed by a standards committee beginning every four (4) years following the date of submission of its last recommendations or more frequently as the commissioner may direct.

(c) The standards committee shall act in an advisory capacity to the commissioner in recommending any initial standards or regulations for any new class of child care agency or any changes to the existing standards or regulations of any class of child care agency.

(d) The committee shall cease to exist upon submitting its recommendations to the commissioner, but may be re-established by the commissioner at any time to further review its recommendations or to consider additional standards or regulations or to consider revisions to the standards or regulations.

(e) (1) In making appointments to the committee, the commissioner shall strive to ensure that at least one (1) person serving on the committee is sixty (60) years of age or older and that at least one (1) person serving on the committee is a member of a racial minority.

(2) Except as otherwise provided in this section, in making appointments to the standards committees, the departments shall strive to ensure that the membership of the standards committees includes a balance of representatives of the regulated industry and persons whose expertise would be of assistance to the departments. The departments shall appoint child advocates, social workers, attorneys, and other such persons with knowledge and expertise in the specified area, as well as citizen members to the committees.

(f) The members of the committee shall not receive any compensation for their services but shall be reimbursed for their travel to and from the committee meetings and for their meals and lodging in accordance with the state travel procedures and regulations.

Acts 2000, ch. 843, § 2; 2000, ch. 981, § 12; 2011, ch. 282, § 3.

Compiler's Notes. Former § 71-3-511 (Acts 1953, ch. 228, § 5 (Williams, § 4765.142); 1976, ch. 806, § 1(141); T.C.A. (orig. ed.), §§ 14-1411, 14-10-111; Acts 1996, ch. 1079, § 169), concerning reimbursement of the board of review, was repealed by Acts 2000, ch. 981, § 1. For current provisions, see this section.

The standards committee, department of human services, created by this section, terminates June 30, 2013. See §§ 4-29-112, 4-29-234.

Acts 2000, ch. 843, § 2 was compiled as subdivision (e)(2), because this section, as added by Acts 2000, ch. 981, was closer in subject matter than former § 71-3-504.

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