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Title 36 Domestic Relations

Chapter 1 Adoption

Part 1 General Provisions

36-1-101. Purpose of part - Construction.

36-1-102. Part definitions.

36-1-103. Prior adoptions and terminations of parental rights involving minors and prior adoptions of adults ratified.

36-1-104. Withholding of material information concerning the status of the parents or guardian of a child subject to surrender, termination of parental rights or adoption- Misdemeanor.

36-1-105. Violation of criminal provisions of part by state employee - Dismissal.

36-1-106. Readoption.

36-1-107. Persons to whom this part is applicable.

36-1-108. Entities authorized to place children for adoption - Advisory and agency capacity authorized - Injunction to stop illegal payments.

36-1-109. Illegal payments in connection with placement of child - Penalty.

36-1-110. Parent under eighteen years of age - Surrender.

36-1-111. Pre-surrender request for home study or preliminary home study - Surrender of child - Consent for adoption by parent - Effect of Surrender - Form of surrender - Waiver of interest - Interpreter for non-English speaking parents.

36-1-112. Revocation of surrender and parental consent - Form.

36-1-113. Termination of parental rights.

36-1-114. Venue.

36-1-115. Persons eligible to file adoption petition - Residence requirements - Preference for foster parents.

36-1-116. Pre-petition home study - Information from surrender court - Contents of petition - Effect of filing - Order of preference.

36-1-117. Parties to proceedings - Termination of rights of putative father - Consent of parent or guardian - Service of process.

36-1-118. Dismissal of adoption proceedings and guardianship orders - Revocation of surrender by court - Notice - Disposition of child.

36-1-119. Final order of adoption - When entered.

36-1-120. Final order of adoption - Contents - Report of foreign birth.

36-1-121. Effect of adoption on relationship.

36-1-122. Binding effect of adoption.

36-1-123. Biological parents illegally obtaining custody of a child - Custodial interference.

36-1-124. Contested terminations of parental rights and adoptions - Appeals - Expedited schedule.

36-1-125. Confidentiality of records - Penalties for unauthorized disclosure - Protected orders.

36-1-126. Record kept under seal - Confidential records - Access to certain records - Preservation of records.

36-1-127. Availability of records to adopted persons and certain other persons for adoptions finalized or attempted prior to certain dates.

36-1-128. Contact veto registry - Persons eligible to have names entered.

36-1-129. Procedures for filing contact veto or giving consent.

36-1-130. Access to records - Search of registry - Restrictions on contact.

36-1-131. Search of sealed adoption record, sealed record or post-adoption records - Opportunity to veto contact.

36-1-132. Violation of contact veto a misdemeanor - Injunction and damages - Attorney's Fees - Using information to injure persons whose names were obtained.

36-1-133. Release of nonidentifying information concerning biological or legal family.

36-1-134. Transmission of information between affected parties - Access to records of deceased or disabled persons - Updating of information to allow contact.

36-1-135. Updated medical information in records - Searches for persons affected.

36-1-136. Notification made as part of search, contact or identifying requests.

36-1-137. Inability of department to verify adoptive status of relationships - Waiting period to request further searches - Limitations on searches.

36-1-138. Court orders for the release of information from adoption and sealed records.

36-1-139. Penalty for providing false information related to information requests.

36-1-140. Immunity for actions in good faith by department personnel and immunity of certain other persons.

36-1-141. Fees for searches, registration of contact vetoes, and copies - Promulgation of rules - Forms.

36-1-142. Voluntary delivery of infant to facility, revocation of voluntary delivery, and termination of parental rights.

36-1-143. Post-adoption services to support permanency in adoption.

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