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Eligible Professionals: Stage 2 Meaningful Use

Stage 2 Meaningful Use "supports the aims and priorities of the National Quality Strategy. Specifically, Stage 2 meaningful use criteria…encourage[s] the use of health IT for continuous quality improvement at the point of care and the exchange of information in the most structured format possible."

The aims of the National Quality Strategy:

  • Better Care
  • Healthy People/Healthy Communities
  • Affordable Care

To achieve Stage 2 Meaningful Use, eligible professionals (EPs) must successfully attest to meaningful use measures that progress from Stage 1 Meaningful Use

EPs are required to achieve Stage 2 Meaningful Use for two years after completing Stage 1 for two years. An EP who adopted, implemented, or upgraded (AIU) in Payment Year 1, performed 90 days of Stage 1 Meaningful Use in Payment Year 2, and completed a full year of Stage 1 Meaningful Use in Payment Year 3 would pursue Stage 2 Meaningful Use in Payment Years 4 and 5.

In addition to the new Stage 2 criteria, two aspects of the 2012 ONC and CMS Final Rules affect the progression from Stage 1 to 2. The first is a special reporting period in 2014. If the first year of Stage 2 Meaningful Use is in 2014, the reporting period is 90 days. The Stage 2 reporting period is a full calendar year in every other year but 2014. The shorter 90 day requirement, applicable to every provider attesting to meaningful use in 2014, allows time to upgrade to the EHR technology certified using the 2014 edition of certification criteria. Secondly, utilizing 2014 CEHRT will be necessary to be eligible for an incentive payment for AIU or any stage of meaningful use in 2014. The year, not the stage of meaningful use, marks the necessity to upgrade to newly certified technology. See important 2014 CMS Flexibility Final Rule Change information concerning flexibility in reporting.

2014 CMS Flexibility Final Rule Change link address

Stage 2 Meaningful Use Resources
eHealth University EP Stage 2 Guide
CMS Stage 1 vs. Stage 2 Comparison Table for EPs

As with Stage 1, familiarity with the meaningful use criteria is fundamental to successful attestation as achieving the objectives requires prudent planning. The criteria for Stage 2 Meaningful Use retain the triad of core measures, menu measures, and clinical quality measures, although several Stage 1 objectives and measures transitioned from the menu set to the core set, and the approach to clinical quality measures has changed. Below are links to individual webpages for the measures, which will continue to be populated with practical information on each measure as Stage 2 approaches. The earliest any eligible professional could meet Stage 2 would be the first 90 days of 2014, provided he upgraded to 2014 CEHRT.

EPs must attest to each of the 17 core measures, though exclusions can be claimed on certain measures. Learn more about each of the measures by visiting the core measures pages in the link above.

EPs must meet three of the six menu measures. Learn more about each of the measures by visiting the menu measures pages in the link above.

EPs must attest to nine CQMs from at least three National Quality Strategy domains with recommended CQMs for providers working with both adult and pediatric populations. More information will be forthcoming on these measures.

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