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Meaningful Use Timelines

Eligible professionals (EPs) have several potential pathways for pursuing meaningful use (MU) and becoming meaningful users across the eleven years of the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program (2011-2021). EPs can begin the program as late as 2016, and the six years for which providers can participate and earn an incentive payment can be non-consecutive. Additionally, an EP has no obligation to continue in the program once an incentive payment has been earned, but all EPs are encouraged to be meaningful users because informed and relevant use of EHRs contributes to the quality of health care.

These timelines for the 2015 cohort reflect options for those who earn a first incentive payment in 2015. The opportunity to earn the first incentive payment for Stage 2 Meaningful Use was initiated in 2014.

EPs may begin the program as late as 2016, but timelines are not yet available for pathways beginning in 2016 onward.