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Core to College Curriculum Alignment


With the support of the Tennessee Board of Regents and University of Tennessee, faculty alignment teams have been formed to assess and align the K-12 Common Core State Standards to credit bearing, entry level courses in English and Math to create a more seamless transition  from high school to college for Tennessee students.


Each team consists of three primary members. Additionally, external evaluators from each institution and governing board will be given regular opportunities for feedback to ensure the work is reflective of the entire state.


Below, you will find information regarding the development of this voluntary alignment.


English Alignment

  • Team Members
    • Endora Feick, Nashville State Community College
    • Lauren Ingraham, University of Tennessee Chattanooga
    • Phillip Waldrop, Middle Tennessee State University
  • Fall 2014 Pilot Institutions
    • Nashville State Community College
    • Tennessee State University
    • Volunteer State Community College
    • University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
  • Curriculum Materials

Math Alignment


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