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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)

Recovery Act- State Electricity Regulators Assistance Request for Funding Opportunity
Number: DE-FOA-0000100 CFDA Number 81.122

Project: Conserving Tennessee Power

Abstract: The Authority requested the $908,408 to support programs aimed at creating jobs and increasing public awareness of the need to conserve home energy. The grant will also enable the Tennessee Regulatory Authority to manage and facilitate in a timely manner an increase in dockets relating to energy efficiency and the implementation of smart metering and smart grid technology.

Job creation will result in two new utility consultant positions with in the Tennessee Regulatory Authority. The primary functions of the two new positions will be to actively work on opening dockets, performing the necessary research and collaborating with the regulated electric utilities on energy conservation and efficiency, such as smart metering technology, rate design, home energy audits and consumer education. The consultants will open dockets to conduct electric use surveys in service areas, schedule energy audits, and to direct the schedules and plans for the grant project. Dockets for rules and amendments for electric utility service standards may also be opened. The Authority anticipates that dockets will be needed to schedule technology purchased and deployed by the electric utility company throughout the service areas as well as to determine cost recovery and ratemaking for the electric utility company that is adhering to federal energy efficiency and conservation policies. The Consultants will also request dockets for the purpose of scheduling consumer education events. Fiscal Accountability Reports and Project Progress will also be projected back to the Directors of this Authority.