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TRA Docket Filing Procedures

  • Filings shall be submitted to the Tennessee Regulatory Authority pursuant to Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. 1220-1-1-.03 and .04.
  • Hard copy filings (Original and 13 copies) may be hand delivered or mailed to:

    Chairman, Tennessee Regulatory Authority
    c/o Sharla Dillon, Dockets and Records Manager
    502 Deaderick Street, 4th Floor
    Nashville, Tennessee 37243

  • Electronic filings: Documents must be in Portable Document Format (PDF) and may be sent by electronic mail to a Please note: Electronic filings will be considered 'lodged' until the original and four copies have been received by the Dockets and Records Manager.
  • Questions? Contact Sharla Dillon, Dockets and Records Manager 615-770-6850 or