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How To File A Complaint With The TRA

Filing A Complaint With The TRA's Consumer Services Division

We are very interested in assisting you with your problem, but first there is some information that we would like to share with you concerning the scope of our authority and what we do and do not regulate in Tennessee.

Who We Regulate

The TRA only regulates private, for-profit public utilities. Some examples of utilities under our authority are: AT&T, long distance telephone companies, some water and waste water providers, and some natural gas companies. We also take complaints against solicitors who have violated the Tennessee Do Not Call or Do Not Fax law. We are not authorized to investigate complaints against gas and water utility districts, municipally owned utilities, cooperatives, Tennessee Valley Authority and cellular telephone services because those utilities are not under our jurisdiction.

Where We Regulate

As with any state, our jurisdiction only covers complaints within our state's borders. Complaints concerning services provided between states or out of another country are best referred to the appropriate federal agency. For example, a complaint involving telephone charges for calls made from Tennessee to New York. Complaints of this type should be referred to the Federal Communications Commission.

Our Process

We request that prior to filing a utility complaint with us, you first contact the utility and provide it the opportunity to resolve your problem. If you have done this and still desire to register a complaint, please return to the CSD main page and choose the online utility complaint form listed under Forms and Applications.